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Documents you need:

To Open a Share Savings and Share Draft (Checking)/E-Z Account:

Share Savings:
  • Complete Membership Application.
  • $26.00 ($25.00 minimum must remain in Savings Account|$1.00 non-refundable fee)
  • Must bring in a Driver's License (Required by federal regulation| Patriot Act)
  • If your address on your driver's license does not match you current residence address, please bring in documentation (i.e. bill, bank statement, etc.) to verify your correct mailing address.
  • Note: You must have a Share Savings before you can open any other type of account with the credit union. You may apply for any other type of account at the same time as applying for a Share Savings.

Share Draft/E-Z:
  • To apply for a STCU Checking Account, fill out the Checking Account application. If you already have a savings account with us, you will need to fill out an Account Change Card in addition to the application above. If this will be your first account with STCU, you will need to view our information about becoming a member by clicking here.
  • $100.00 deposit or direct deposit setup
  • If you opt to order checks, you must pay for them. The check company will debit your account as soon as the checks are shipped. For the most current price for checks call 833-292-7828.

To Order a Visa Check Card or Dr. Cash ATM Card:
  • Complete this form to order your 1st Acrobat File Visa Debit Card. It takes about 2 weeks to receive your card through the mail. You must have a Share Draft (Checking) Account in order to get a Visa Debit Card. Visa debit cards will allow you to make purchases at any retail location or online, as well as serve as an ATM card.
  • Complete this form to order your 1st Acrobat File Dr. Cash ATM Card. These cards are issued in the credit union and you will receive it the day the application is turned in. These cards may be used for Share Savings, Share Draft (Checking) or E-Z accounts. Dr. Cash ATM cards may only be used to withdraw money from the ATM. See our ATM partner locations to find a surcharge free ATM near you.
  • You may only have one or the other of these cards. You cannot have a Visa Check card and a Dr. Cash ATM card at the same time.
  • Complete the Acrobat File "For Member Use Only" side of this form to order a replacement of a VISA debit card or Dr. Cash ATM card. It is a $10.00 replacement fee.
    • NOTE: This form is for members who have a card already, but need to order a replacement card for reasons such as: malfunction, magnetic strip is worn, broken in half, etc.
    • If you are filling out this application because your card has been lost or stolen, please make sure that you have contacted the proper authorities to have your card blocked to prevent possible fraud. You may contact St. Thomas Credit Union during regular business hours or Click here to find the appropriate number to call to report your card lost or stolen during afterhours, weekends, or holidays.

To Update/Change Account Information:

Acrobat File Account Change Card
  • Use this card if you are changing your name, adding an individual to your account, or adding a new type of account (i.e. Christmas club, special savings, etc.)
  • If you recently married or divorced, a copy of a Marriage License or Divorce Decree is needed, along with the "Account Chard card" completed.

Acrobat File Change of Address
  • Use this form if you need to change your address or phone number that we have on file.
  • Please note HIPPAA Law prohibits any healthcare organization from transmitting any personal information to other business entities. Because of this Saint Thomas Hospital will NOT notify or forward any change of address information submitted to the hospital. You must notify the credit union separately with any change of address information.

To Setup Direct Deposit:

To set up a reoccurring Automatic Transfer or Payment from one STCU account to another:
  • Acrobat File PADs Authorization form
  • This would be used to make loan payments, visa payments, Christmas club contributions etc. from you regular Share Savings or Share Draft Account.

Stop Payment or Funds Wire Transfer Request:

Acrobat File Stop Payment
  • Form must be submitted at least 3 days (36 hours) before the scheduled date of the preauthorized Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or Share Draft Check/Conversion (Check 21)
  • $40 dollar stop payment fee

Acrobat File Funds Wire Transfer
  • Deadline is 2:00pm every day. No exceptions!
  • Check our fee page for Wire Transfer fee rates

To Sign up for Online Banking:
  • Click here to enroll yourself for online banking. You will need to know your entire savings account number, including the last 3 digits (i.e. xxx-x1x). When asked for a Pin Number you need to use the last four digits of your Social Security number. If you need any assistance please call 833-292-7828.

To Sign Up for S.T.A.T Line:

To Apply for a Loan:
  • Complete a Loan Application
  • We will need a copy the most recent paystub for each applicant
  • If you are paying bills or consolidating debt please provide a copy of the last statement for the bill be paid.
  • $35 non-refundable loan application fee required at time of submission.

To Apply to Skip a Loan payment:
  • Complete a Skip-A-Pay Application
  • Please read the agreement before returning so you understand how the program works.
  • $35 request fee required at the time of request submission. This fee will be refunded if the request is denied.

To apply for a VISA Credit Card:
  • Complete a VISA Credit Card application.
  • We will need a copy of the most recent paystub for each applicant.
  • $35 non-refundable application fee required at time of submission.
  • If you are transferring another credit card balance please provide a copy of the most recent bill.
  • VISA disclosures

Already Have an STCU Credit Card?
  • If you have had your credit card with us for at least one year, apply to raise your limit or see if you can get an even better interest rate!
  • $10 limit change request fee required at time of submission.
  • Competitive interest rates ranging between 8.90% and 17.75% APR
  • Fill out this Change Request and return it to the branch with your current paystub. As soon as we receive this form along with your paystub we will see what we can do!
  • VISA Application and Solicitation Disclosure
  • VISA Credit Card Agreement

ACH Debit and Credit Forms
  • If you would like to have money sent from another financial institution to your St. Thomas Credit Union account on a regular frequency (Monthly, Bi-weekly, etc.) and for a specific amount, please fill out the ACH Debit Authorization form and return it to the credit union with a voided check.
  • If you would like to have money sent from you St. Thomas Credit Union account to an account at another financial institution on a regular frequency (Monthly, Bi-weekly, etc.) and for a specific amount, please fill out the ACH Credit Authorization form and return it to the credit union with a voided check.

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