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Visa Gift Cards

CU Money Gift CardsVisa Gift Card
  • $3.00 initial cost per card
  • Minimum load amount is $10 up to a Maximum load of $1,000
  • Non personalized
  • Instant issue at the credit union
  • Card Limitations: Visa signature purchases only; No ATM or OTC cash advances; Gas Pay at the Pump, Hotel and Car Rental transactions are limited. Due to the nature of certain purchases, the full purchase amount may not be known when the card is initially swiped for approval and may be declined for this reason.

Visa Travel Money Card
  • $7.95 initial cost per card
  • 4 total reloads (1 initial load and 3 reloads)
  • $2.00 reload fee
  • Card must initially be loaded at the credit union, after the first load the card can be reloaded online or in the credit union
  • Minimum load is $100 and can load up to $5,000 maximum
  • Non personalized card
  • Instant issue at the credit union
  • Card Limitations: Visa Signature, POS and PIN purchases; ATM and OTC Cash advances allowed with fee

CU Money - Everyday Spend Card
       Effective 06/24/13
  • $5.95 initial cost per card
  • Unlimited reloads
  • $1.75 monthly fee per card if the card has a balance on it
  • Card can be loaded at the Credit Union for a $0.50 reload fee, by visiting the www.cumoney.com website for a $0.50 reload fee, or through any VISA Readylink participating location for up to a $5.00 fee (If the card is loaded at a VISA Readylink station the reload must been done with cash only)
  • Minimum load is $10 and can load up to $5,000 maximum
  • Personalized card with card holder's name embossed on the card
  • Bill Pay now available with no additional fee
  • Card is mailed directly to the card holder within 7 to 10 days (If card has a balance on it, it will reissue automatically at expiration)
  • Card Limitations: VISA Signature, POS and PIN purchases, ATM and OTC Cash Advances are allowed with fee

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