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Membership Eligibility

Who Can Join STCU?

Anyone who is associated in one of the following ways:
  1. You are an employee, student, or volunteer of a Select Employee Group (SEG) listed below.
  2. You are a Saint Thomas Foundation donor of at least $25.
  3. You are an immediate family member (spouse, parent, or dependent child) of a current St. Thomas Credit union member.

Select Employee Groups
  • Saint Thomas Hospital
  • Gannett and Affiliates
  • Saint Thomas Health Services
  • Saint Thomas Health Clinic
  • Hickman County Hospital
  • Aquinas College
  • Vine Street Christian Church
  • Watkins Institute
  • Belle Meade Dermatology
  • Saint Thomas Foundation

For any questions concerning eligibility to join STCU call 833-292-7828.

How to Switch to STCU!

Step 1. Click here to request a Membership Application. Complete the form and bring it to our convenient locations along with a government issued photo ID and a $1.00 membership fee.

Note: Full ownership benefits are available to you when you have $25.00 deposited into your share (Savings) account. This minimum balance must be maintained at all times to keep the account open.

Step 2. Balance your account at your previous financial institution and make sure that all checks and payments have cleared.

Step 3. Print out each of the forms below as applicable. Complete the forms and mail them according to the directions below. If you have any questions, please visit any of our convenient locations or call 833-292-7828 and we will assist you with making the switch to STCU.

Acrobat File Account Closure Form:
This letter helps you close an account at another financial institution and have the funds sent to STCU for deposit in your account. Complete the form and mail it to the financial institution that you want to close.

Remember to leave ample time for pending checks and POS to clear your old accounts before closing them.

We recommend that you follow up with your former bank within a week to make sure everything was properly closed and follow up with us in 2 weeks to make sure your money was received.

Acrobat File Direct Deposit Form:
Complete and turn this form to HR or Payroll Department to start direct deposit of your payroll check from any employer into one of your STCU accounts.

Military, government employees, or any person(s) receiving government issued checks need to use Acrobat File Form 1199A for Direct Deposit. Please check in with us after your next pay day to make sure that we have received your deposit.

Acrobat File Start Automatic Payment:
This allows you to switch automatic payments so that they will debit your new STCU account instead of your old account. Mail one to each company that you have automatic payment set up with.

Acrobat File Stop Automatic Payment:
This allows you to cancel any automatic payments that you do not wish to continue. Mail one to each company that you have automatic payment set up with.

Call 833-292-7828 if you have any questions.

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National Credit Union Administration, a U.S. Govt. Agency.
We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair
Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.